Based in Southern California, friezeframes is the premier retro-chic eyewear company focused on reinventing vintage style into a hip contemporary look. We seek to capture the glamour of a bygone era, while striving to bring bold, trend-setting fashion to your life.

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Found some fun facts about the history of eyewear and got to see some fun styles in the Tashen Books, Eyewear A Visual History!


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When selecting eyewear there are many factors to consider.  It is these factors that help us create the styles we design, produce and sell.  The dimensions and weight are extremely important, as is the overall of finish of the frame.  We connect these key quality points with a desirable frame style that has classic, timeless appeal!

The prototypes we create for upcoming collections are seen, felt and worn by current and new buyers, it feels a lot like an eyewear fashion show.  Our buyers let us know out what is working and what colors are attracting their eyes.  We use this valuable time to better understand what it is their customers are looking for.

We know how to make a handcrafted, high quality frame, and we continue to seek the most efficient ways possible to do so.  Never settling and keeping an attitude that everything can be done better will ensure success collection after collection.  We take our customer service serious and we would like to say thank everyone for wearing anvifrieze!

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American Eye Institute

Vicki Houghton is the Optician at American Eye Institute, an optical boutique in Los Angeles, CA.  Keeping with the boutique feel, Vicki chooses to carry only a select dozen brands, with anvifrieze and friezeframes being there only US made eyewear.  I asked Vicki what were some of the the things that attracted her to our brands?  She said, “anvifrieze and friezeframes have a boutique feel and I really like that your eyewear is exclusive.  On top of that the customer service is great!”

American Eye Institute’s clients are mostly middle aged and find that our eyewear colors help us stand apart.  If you are in the Los Angeles area please consider American Eye Institute as your future optical boutique!

Thank you Vicki for your time and we wish you guys continued success.  Vicki’s favorite frame is the Roosevelt from friezeframes, she is pictured below wearing a prototype from the next collection from ff.  


Meet and Greet

Right guy, right place.  That’s how I feel about the Production Manager for anvifrieze and friezeframes Mr. Aaron J. Christy.  Aaron takes on a role in the factory that assumes many responsibilities, most of which make my brain spin due to their complexity but he makes them look easy!  Arriving on bicycle at 7:30am, Aaron was greeted by me and a bag of props and I asked “you ready to be photographed?  He said gently, “sure”.  What happened next was pure photo gold and he answered a few questions for me. 

Meet Aaron J. Christy, 35 years old, Production Manager at anvifrieze & friezeframes.

Me– “Hi Aaron, you look nice today!”

Aaron- “Thanks man, been trying something new with my hair.”

Me– “Right on.”

Me– The factory is neat and everyone seems to really enjoy their job, definitely has a great energy.  What are your challenges as Production Manager and creating handcrafted eyewear?”

Aaron- “Everyday is different and can bring with it a handful of new challenges, but the challenges are what motivate me.  A daily goal and challenge is creating a prototype that meets our desired design.  We will always be looking for ways to improve how our eyewear is crafted.”

Me– “With your job comes stress and deadlines, what do you do in your free time away from work?”

Aaron- “I spend a lot of my time painting and drawing.”

Me– “Well, that sets up my next question perfectly.”

Aaron- “Great!”

Me– “You have designed some eyewear and continue to do so, are you a natural artist and has it been a process to learn design?”

Aaron- “I don’t know if I would call myself a natural artist, but I have always appreciated art of all kinds and have spent many years drawing, painting and creating.  Design is difficult because I need to create a style that people will want to wear, with my art I am trying to create something that makes me happy.  The gap is minimal still, and in both scenarios an awesome design is the goal.”

Me– “I am pretty impressed with the design process here at anvi and frieze, do you design for both companies?”

Aaron- “I have been a part of the design team for both anvi and frieze for the last 3 collections.  It’s fun to see what works and what doesn’t!”

Me– “You recently designed a new prototype called the “Ventura”, I know that one is a favorite but do you have any other styles close to your heart!?”

Aaron- “Overall the “Frisco” from frieze and the “Roadster” by anvi.  The “Lincoln” and  “Ventura” are my personal designs and a couple of my favorites for sure!”

Me– “Is there anyone you would like to say hi to?”

Aaron- “My wife Gabi!”

Me– “Cute”

Aaron- “Stop”

Me– “What’s been the most enjoyable part of working for the two eyewear companies?”

Aaron- “Being a part of the design and production, making sure from drawing to final assembly we are crafting something we can be proud of!  Our work environment is great and we have a great team, you feel like you are a part of the company and not just another nameless worker.”

Me– “What are you most excited for when thinking about the future of anvifreize and friezeframes?”

Aaron- “I would have to say watching as anvi and frieze grow and the ability to be a part of that!”


Summer is right around the corner and so are the prototypes for our newest collection.  Excited for both and even more excited to start production on the fresh new styles!  We took inspiration from new materials and added our classic take on the design to create the boldest frames to date.

We never sacrifice comfort for design, in fact we the new styles are the perfect blend of both.  The colors and details will have consumers eager to see more!

Stay tuned as we will be photographing and featuring the new styles soon!

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The “”Phaeton””

Stylish, sharp and still carrying a playful personality, the “Phaeton” from anvifreize is the perfect way to maintain maturity with that be yourself attitude.  It’s an original for sure and speaks to the crowd looking to stand out!  With acetate temples and steel frame, the “Phaeton” comes in Gold/Matte Black, Silver/Red Glitter, Black/Red Candy and the featured Light Pink/Matte Black.   This frame will inspire future eyewear and will be a classic in the anvifrieze collection for years to come!

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Modern Eye

As anvifrieze and it’s collections of eyewear grow, so will the number of optical boutiques offering our frames.  We are extremely pleased with the energy and time that opticians put into introducing anvifrieze to their clients.  We think what we do is pretty special and we hope others feel the same.

At the Vision Expo East in NYC, we had the pleasure of sitting down with existing customers from Modern Eye in Philadelphia, PA.  The slogan for this unique eyeglass boutique is “See Differently” and that is just the attitude we love!

Modern Eye is Optometrist Dr. Chris Anastasiou and his associate Dr. Bryan Machamer, they provide a professional, enthusiastic and friendly full-service optical shop.  With two locations (Modern Eye Center City) and (Modern Eye University City) carrying state-of-the-art eyewear including anvifrieze and friezeframes, Modern Eye is a sure bet when wanting to “keep your eyes fit” and look good doing it!

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